About us

“İsraphiloglu” LTD started its activity since 2008. Since 2008 the products that were produced by our factory became available to consumers under the trademark “Nur”.Our factory was built in accordance with the requirements of modern standards and equipped with the most modern baking ovens ensuring bread-baking process to comply with the modern standards. We involved high-qualified specialists have been trained in food industry sphere in Moscow and Kiev. As a result of dedication and efforts of management and specialists our bread became in demand among buyers in a short period of time. The utilization of innovative methods and techniques in the production of bread is one of the priorities of our company. The maximum daily production capacity of the factory is 100 tons of bread. The baking process is carried out on the basis of the unique İtalian recipe BİGA (sponge) all useful acids and vitamins appear in their natural state in bread baked in accordance with BIGA. Our company was the first company in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan to introduce paper packaging of products. This packaging method in its turn enables compliance with hygiene standards as well as fresh bread storage. The activity of our company is based on the principle of teamwork.

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